About The Blog

Assalamualaikum w.b.t., Salam Sejahtera, and Good Day!


My name is Nor Liana Kamaruzzaman. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Blog’s Purpose

Initially I created this blog as a writing portfolio. However, thinking again, rather than focusing this on career-specific, which I’m still building my expertise on, I’d rather make this blog as a record of knowledge for sharing.  Career may end, but learning never stops, and the biggest contribution we can leave as legacies are knowledge.

With that, this blog will be a record of my journey in learning about:

Islam and Being a Muslim

Born a Muslim, with my iman going up and down, I would like to learn it back from the core, and understand why I still choose this as my faith until my last breath.


Cybersecurity Awareness

With technology being essential in our daily lives, keeping them safe and secure have become vital. No longer it be something an IT expert or computer aficianado matters, but almost every person who conduct transactions, conversations, and anything through the network. 


Life Hacks and Discoveries

A healthy recipe. An interesting place. An effective medicine or treatment. An affordable good quality product. Excellent services. Sustainable living, eco-friendly, and upcycling items. Things that would be great for people to know, and I learned of.


This blog is still starting, and may the knowledge provided will benefit many in the long run, Insya-Allah….

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    Stay safe!