Are You Looking for a Freelance Writer?

The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction. By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is you really want to say.

Mark Twain

Hi there,

Nor Liana here. I’m a freelance writer seeking to build expertise in freelance writing, content writing, and SEO writing. I’ve written on topics about cybersecurity, freelancing, and travel, and am currently learning about sustainability. Before this, I worked at a 24/7 security operations center for 3 years and now transitioned to freelance writing due to deteriorating health. I am :

  1. Able to simplify technical explanations into layman’s words.
  2. Able to capture clients’ voices, whether by having a one-on-one online discussion or reading through their previous posts to see their structure, common phrases, and writing style.
  3. Able to write information that answers questions: Being highly curious, I ask questions and search for answers, and that is how I write: what are they asking for, what are the best answers, and how does my client’s product or services fit in and help.
  4. Easy to work with: most of my previous clients stated that discussing with me regarding work is no pressure, pleasant, and reached expectations.




So far, I have experience in providing:
1. Blog / Article / Content writing
2. SEO writing
3. Presentation texts
4. Basic proofreading (Bahasa Melayu, American English, British English)
5. Technical writing (tutorials, guides, work instructions, SOPs, policies)
6. Contextual translation (Malay <> English)
7. Summaries
8. Copywriting
9. Ghostwriting
‘* Images can be included with the articles with additional charges.
‘** All work comes with a free amendment request for less than 50% changes on the deliverables. If it requires more than that (akin to an overhaul), additional custom charges applicable.

Not on the list but still would like some help writing? We can discuss what to do. I’m open to new topics to learn and write about, and would be more than happy to collaborate with you on your dream projects.

Rates and Payment

My rate will be quoted based on how deep the research and the technical needs are for the project. Please understand that to confirm on the project, you will need to pay 30% upfront (An invoice and contract agreement will be provided). This is to weed out possible problematic clients.

My preferred payment method would be PayPal. If you prefer other forms of payment, let me know and I’ll check them out. If you prefer to liaise using freelance marketplaces (some feel more secure using escrow payment), just let me know which platform. I’ll create an account and send you a custom proposal.

Contact Method

For security and privacy reasons, I do not share my phone number and email in public/shared view. Please reach out to me through the Contact Me form , and I will reach back to you as soon as possible.

Stay safe, and take care.